An Afternoon at the Auditorium

"My sisters remind me, by their very steadfastness,that truth, beauty & goodness exist in the world, & that, no matter what, there are & always will be people loving people through thick & thin.' - Kim Kardashian

When Bianca messaged me about a sister's shoot, I, perhaps a little too excitedly, responded with the idea of the auditorium. I wanted to tell their story at a location that was significant to them, so we brainstormed a little, but this just seemed like the perfect fit. They are an incredibly talented trio- the singer, the dancer & the actress; & the green room, the stage, the foyer, all these bits & pieces of the auditorium, have been ginormous bits & pieces of their lives. Their lives as individuals & their lives as sisters. Sisters are a special thing, & it was a special, entertaining afternoon, hanging with these three.