cm monthly challenge: friendship

'Sitting there in your pajamas & all the time in the world & if I could keep any moment it would be this:watching you & holding my breath with the wonder of it all.' -Brian Andreas

This month our CM challenge is friendship- we have a beautiful new friendship developing in our household with our baby girl, EllaGrace (her newborn pictures are here). The boys are in love. They both are being incredible helpers & tend to her continuously. Ry soothes her with songs. Covey refers to her as 'his baby.' For the most part, the transition to three has been smooth....except Covey has decided that it's funny to ask if his baby sister is still in my belly & tells me at least once a day my belly is still big. Hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about that one. Luckily, he's known to be the family clown & likes a good laugh, so for now I'll just go with it ;)

I knew I wanted pictures of my three kiddos for this month's photo challenge, I just wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish it. At the moment, Ry is my muse, Covey not so much. A few days ago I decided to attempt a very impromptu photo session with them. There may have been a little bribing involved (Covey does love chocolate!), but the moments captured are so real. I think I'm discovering that impromptu works best for my kids. They see my camera come out way too often, but the more I attempt to capture our daily life & less I ask them to smile, the happier I am with the final product. Through these images, I see their friendship- I already treasure it & look forward to watching it grow with them.

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