What's Your Story?

So what is it? What’s your story? Who are you? Who is your family? Who are these children, the ones running around, full of life? The ones who don’t want to sit still for too long, what makes them smile? laugh? What makes all of this, yours? Maybe it’s a favorite tutu or jumping in mud puddles; maybe it’s a big bowl of chocolate ice cream or throwing rocks in the ocean; maybe it’s snuggling with the raggedy old stuffed puppy or curled up together, under the quilt your Grandma made. Maybe it’s none of this. Maybe it’s all of this.

We each have our own distinct stories- the littlest details, the tiny moments, that makes things our very own. These are what define us, these are what contribute to our foundation. Nobody’s story will ever be the same. We might create a photographic memory of it, but why not take it a step further, & actually document it.

Storytelling sessions are, quite frankly, sessions that tell your story. Maybe they’ll include one place, or maybe a bunch of places- your home, a favorite beach, a special park, the grocery store, your coffee shop. The places are ones of significance. They are probably part of your routine, perhaps the routine you don’t even realize you have. Maybe every Saturday, you take your kids for hot chocolates, & maybe you know how special this is, when their eyes light up & grin from ear-to-ear because they know it’s Saturday- it’s hot chocolate day. Or maybe you randomly head to the park, but the kids have a favorite park, with the swing that swings the highest & the merry-go-round that twirls the fastest. These are the places I visit with you, telling your story through images.

Your kids might remember me trailing along with my camera, or they might not because they're so caught up in their simple joys. Twenty years from now, they’ll look at the family photos & remember that day, so full of their real-life. It's about just being you. So tell your story. What are you waiting for?

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Six Months Old

I got to hang out with Hadley Mae a couple weeks ago, for her six month shoot. Because of some rescheduling due to these dang winter illnesses, it was more like her seven month shoot. She is such a sweet little spitfire. I think she would've appreciated not seeing my camera at all, but she did warm up to me once I started shaking her awesome little dumbbell rattle around.

Her pictures were done in her home, the light was perfect- even had some sun poke through briefly. It was also fun to see some of my pictures on their walls (maternity, birth & newborn images). I always love seeing how clients display their photographs!


January. 31 Photos. Week Four.

With just a few days left this month, it's time for me to decide if I'm continuing on with this project, or sticking with the one-month thing. I think I'm taking the plunge & welcoming February with my camera. I'm really, really enjoying it- it gives me so many more opportunities to get creative with locations, light, ideas, etc., but I'm just not quite ready to say I'm doing a 365-project ;) 22. January 22. Walking in the rain.

23. January 23. Time to go to Disney, he needs his own set of ears.

24. January 24. Fly so high.

25. January 25. This is not Rylee.

26. January 26. The sun came out!

27. January 27. I successfully created something inspired by Pinterest- miracles do happen.

28. January 28. He asked to pick out his next birthday card, which is 6 months away, when he turns four (not five).

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January. 31 Photos. Week Two.

I've made it through fourteen days of photos this month. Slightly proud of that accomplishment, only 17 more days to go, & I'll have completed my goal (I'm attempting 365 with the iPhone)! The last five-ish days have been spent sick, but I still took pictures. The kids have definitely had it worse than me & have kindly rotated days ;). So here's hoping for a healthy week ahead & our last seven days, in photos: 8. Day Eight. Silly new expressions + new wagon.

9. Day Nine. The introduction of solids.

10. Day Ten. The calm before the (puking) storm.

11. Day Eleven. At attempt at getting on the other side of the camera.

12. Day Twelve. Hanging at auntie's house.

13. Day Thirteen. Garage sale score.

14. Day Fourteen. Nine months old.


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My Personal Favorites of 2012

2012 was a good year. There were ups & downs; lots of emotion- joy; sadness; it was a year to remember. The year we lost our Grandma Grace; the year we welcomed our baby girl, EllaGrace. I took pictures along the way. Here are some of my favorites from our year & here's looking to 2013, with smiles on our faces!

Maeve is One!

Maeve & Fiona's pictures centered around Maeve's first birthday, as well as my breastfeeding photo project. I absolutely loved going into their home, letting the girls show me their toys & watch them play, all the while documenting it with my camera. I've decided this is how indoor sessions should go for me- at the pace of the children, in their own environment, doing what they do. It's a good fit. Happy (belated) birthday Maeve~

Grandpa Art

My kids knowing some of their great-grandparents is one of my greatest treasures. I don't know if they'll hold onto any of these memories as they grow up, but I will. Last week, we spent time with my Grandpa Art. These times are few & special. I also think he is one of my biggest fans, so he needed his portrait taken.

The Christmas Photo

We're leaving bright & early Saturday morning for a two-week vacation. I'm trying to accomplish a little bit more each day, to avoid frantically running around Friday. Who am I kidding, I'll still be thinking of everything I didn't do & remember the one important thing as the plane lifts off...oh well! Today I attempted a photo of the three kiddos, for Christmas cards. I adore unposed images of these munchkins & was reminded why today- as I tried to wrangle them all together for a moment. It didn't quite work. It was not the most pleasant experience & I'm pretty sure if they're every in therapy, they'll blame it our Christmas card photos. Therapy or not, I know they still love me. For surviving my imperfect parenting, I am thankful.

Be Thankful

This month I have been working on a personal photography project called "I Am Thankful," each day I post images, along with some words. Our GHC blog theme this month is "Be Thankful." Going through images from the past 25 days, it's easy to see where my thankfulness begins- my family. That one little word is huge- & I am so thankful for the family I have, for everything we have together, for everything I have because of them.

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