Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. Yesterday, I told the kids I wanted one photo with them, for Mother's Day. I rarely attempt that with the camera & have been trying to more with the iPhone. So I admittedly took advantage of Mother's Day, & got some pictures. Mike took them for me- I got it all set-up & then hoped for the best, but was pleasantly surprised with his photo skills (or listening skills, as I told him exactly where to stand, bend his knees, what to focus on, etc...haha, it's kind of hard not to).

I hope all of you mom's out there have a wonderful day today, but more than that, I hope you have wonderful days. I know there are some really long ones, some really hard ones, some really fun ones, some really crazy ones...& I'm not really sure how one day a year can encapsulate all this motherhood stuff, but it's nice to get that extra bit of acknowledgement. Motherhood is not easy & it's not always smooth-sailing, but it's really fricken amazing.