An Afternoon at Sad Park

A long time ago, I played at this park as a kid. The playground equipment was shiny, the quonset huts were upright, four-wheeler tracks didn't cover the grassy field- flash forward twenty years, & the park is a disaster. However, it's our neighborhood park. One time, a year or two ago, I said it was a sad park. The boys' soaked that up instantly. Every time I ask if they want to go to the park, they refer to it as "Sad Park." It is sad. I wrote a letter to the editor over a year ago (or maybe two already? I can't remember...) about the condition of the park, which sort of sparked an interest in revamping it. The borough has also gotten a few calls about it. Then last year, we got funding. Nothing has happened yet, but next week the Parks & Rec Committee is having a meeting. We're hoping to finally put a smile on this Sad Park. It's over three acres of land & the only park in our large neighborhood. Yesterday, I took some pictures, to tell it's story.