Happy New Year

We're wrapping up our 2012 with family & friends. The wind is ripping; the rain is pouring. It's not so lovely outside. I suppose it's a good time to move into a new year (& on thursday this guy moves into a new age, 6, he can hardly wait). New Years is kind of a funny time for me. I'm always excited to celebrate it, even if we barely stay awake until midnight. But the whole New Years resolution sort of gets me. Suddenly, we're all motivated to make ourselves better, positively change ourselves, start something new. I totally fall for it. I have admiration for those that make those resolutions & stick with them. It's not an easy task. This year, I'm falling for it again. I'm changing my diet, mostly because I have to. My baby has some food intolerances & since she's breastfeeding, I have to cut those foods out of my diet. So I told myself January 1st is the day- no more dairy, wheat, eggs, etc. It's quite a long list, but hopefully it helps her little tummy. You'd never guess she was even bothered by it, so I'm hoping I'll be able to add some back in gradually this spring.

I'm also making photography goals. I want to continue to learn more & shoot more. I loved taking a purposeful photo a day in November, of my kids. I plan to do that in January, too, & possibly continue it month-to-month, but I'm not quite ready to commit to a 365 project (a photo a day for the year). I also want to shoot film this year. I shot a roll not too long ago & I just adored it. It's how I started my photographic journey; I swore I'd never go digital, well until digital got really good. But now I want to go back, not exclusively, but at least for fun. It's good to keep challenging yourself, it keeps you improving.

This year, I plan to write out my goals, to keep near my computer. Just simple reminders of what I want to work on. Goals are good. They keep us focused; moving forward; striving to do better. But I think it's also good to make goals year-round. So I'm making a goal to make goals throughout the year. Anyway, that's a wrap on our 2012 & here's looking to a happy, healthy, fun, humorous, amazing 2013!