Kodiak Crab Festival

Every single year, on every single Memorial Day weekend, the Kodiak Crab Festival takes place. It's a big deal, regardless of your age. The kids talk about it for about 360 days, & then it's here, & then it's gone. We managed to get by only going two days. It's also a money pit, so two days there is pretty darn good. My sister lives almost downtown, so it's an easy walk, as well as an easy tease. The boys tried so hard to patiently wait, staring at the moving rides through my sister's porch railing. We somehow managed to forget about all those years we could barely withstand the waiting, & kept the boys a little longer. But then we journeyed down, passed the zooming cars, along the docks, through the maze of festival-goers, to the ticket line. Almost exactly where the boys had dreamed of being for the past 11.5 months, but not quite. They wanted the rides- the Indiana Jones obstacle course, the spin-the-apples, the flying cars...& the games. The balloons to pop, the bottles to ring, the fish to catch- so much excitement for these guys.

After a couple hours, we headed home. The boys were heavily armed in their new pirate-ninja gear. We were heavily armed with seriously delicious Mexican food (& a sweet buttercup bouquet, courtesy of Covey). It was a very fun Crab Festival; & the weather was gorgeous. How could I forget the weather?! The weekend is usually a rainy, wet one, but somehow we managed to get two nice, sunny days. One big win, all the way around!