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The Last Two Weeks of September

September 16th. Spiderman in Pasagshak. September 17th. Pots & pans = music.

September 18th. The day Covey learned to ride a two-wheeler.

September 19th. She's kind of cute (& possibly overphotographed).

September 20th. The chickens, they run from her every.single.time.

September 21st. My bedtime view.

September 22nd. Sunlight & shadows, & those tiny fingers.

September 23rd. I'm glad I forgot to put the cereal away.

September 24th. My kitchen-sidekick.

September 25th. Flying.

September 26th. She leaves a good trail.

September 27th. He's turning into quite the artist.

September 28th. This girl & those chickens.

September 29th. Three little birds, in my doorway.

September 30th. Dance party, they're the best.

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10-on-10: September

1. Good morning, Sunday. 2. The boys & their game.

3. The girl & her puzzles.

4. Found my reflection in a tiny-hand smeared mirror.

5. Where's the hat?

6. Cove & I went fishing.

7. Snack time.

8. Tajin, the spice for popcorn.

9. We canned cases of salmon.

10. Goodnight, Sunday. 

Now head to Alberta to complete our circle, with Michel's post.

At Home with the Trenery's

When people ask me what a story session is, I sometimes feel like I jumble a bunch of words together & it doesn't always come out so clear. After the sessions, I feel like a little kid, giddy with excitement, as I scroll through images. They're full of so many different emotions, dynamics & adventures. The images make me smile, they make me laugh, they make me so content, all because these people shared a glimpse of their real life with me. Allowing me to preserve this moment in time is pretty dang special. The Trenery's are our very awesome neighbors (& possibly the inspiration for our chicken & duck flock). This year their oldest went into middle school & their youngest started kindergarten. Big milestones. Before these new adventures began, we spent a few hours together one Saturday evening.


The Last Two Weeks of August

August 16th. Breakfast. August 17th. Saturday morning.

August 18th. The one-eye spy.

August 19th. Ella's not so stoked I'll be gone for a couple hours.

August 20th. Wooooo.

August 21st. He requested a photo with is bunny.

August 22nd. The last day of summer vacation.

August 23rd. Digging for worms.

August 24th. Pasaghshak weekend.

August 25th. Not ready to head home...

August 26th. She's running away & finds it funny.

August 27th. Batman on my bed.

August 28th. Baby belly.

August 29th. She's part monkey.

August 30th. Huckleberry's eye.

August 31st. The pantry-lurker.

At Home with Lisa & Morgan...

It's been almost two weeks since my Soul Shooting workshop. If you haven't checked out that post, you should. Part of the day included hanging with this family- so full of life, laughter, beauty & fun. During this time, we heard words of advice & encouragement from two amazing storytellers (Molly & Sarah); we had the chance to ask these storytellers questions & we had the opportunity to photograph things as we saw them. It was special; it was exciting; it felt like the perfect fit- documenting real life with the camera just feels so complete.