cm monthly challenge: motherhood

How I view motherhood...I have lots of views on motherhood. & I'm pretty sure most have changed from my views pre-kiddos. These kids change you, that's for sure. & it's good change. They surprise you, delight you, challenge you, help you & best of all, love you. So what is motherhood for me?

motherhood is lots of learning- from your mom. friends. online. books. & your intuition. that intuition does a pretty darn good job.

motherhood is a whole lot of on-the-job training.

motherhood is fantasizing about those 5 minutes.

motherhood is teaching. we teach our kiddos a lot, like sharing (except I'm not so sure they get that one, until they are adults, perhaps?). & they teach us a lot, like how not to share. or perhaps what I really mean is patience.

motherhood is those little moments that melt your heart.

motherhood can be messy...

but the mess is worth it.

motherhood is also full of unexpected adventures.

motherhood is knowing this pouty face loves you more than anything else in the world.

& motherhood is, quite simply & complexly, 50 toes.

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