My Grandpa + My Boys

I was inspired by Xanthe Berkeley, to create a time capsule on December 12, 2012. It was fun, hectic, comical, interesting & exciting to carry around my cameras with me, all day long. My family was surprisingly accepting of it, too. I ended up putting two videos together. The first one, a combination of images & video clips from our day. The second one, my boys watching their Great-Grandpa make them a dollar bill bowtie. It was fun to document so much, not something I usually do. It was hectic, balancing two cameras, my iPhone & my children. We were on vacation, too, which made it more fun & perhaps a bit crazier. Attempting this balancing act? Well, I'm sure that was entertaining to any passer-byers. Especially those in the store. It was so worth it, though; some of my most (at the current moment) favorite images were captured on 12.12.12. About two weeks later, I present the videos. Happy Holidays.

Grandpa Art from Breanna Peterson on Vimeo.