One Month

The last two days have been spent mostly homebound, as two of my three battle the nasty cold floating around our island. It's been a fountain of unlimited mucous in these joints, and we're over it. Except for the extra snuggling. That's almost worth the illness. But I'm still considering it the last big sickness of the season. I'll probably be wrong, but I can smell spring and that means summer is not too far away. Like literally right around the corner (I'm looking at you May). Spring isn't really a season here, but this year seems to be making an exception. There are actually things blossoming right now, and my rhubarb looks like it could be harvested in another month. So I'm fantasizing about summer vacation kicking off with good health and good weather. Double whammy. Like those early days of motherhood, when you wonder what happened to the last month of your life, or the last 12-hours of your day. When everything seems to move in a sudden instant, yet drag slowly. It's the perfect twist of emotions, presenting to you the roller coaster that will encompass you now that you are mom. 

Motherhood at one month.

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