One Year

"I'm going to be a funny guy," he informed us at the dinner table. That alone resulted in laughter. I remember, as a baby, his expressions and demeanor would make us laugh. He always brought so much happiness. His shyness was always apparent, but so was the desire for smiles, both giving and receiving. He was smiling willingly at only a few weeks old. Well before he was "supposed to." As a toddler, I'd say "he's going to be a class clown." So far, the shyness keeps that prediction from becoming a reality. But not at home. At home, he's really, really funny. It's amazing what you learn from your child in that first year of life. Their characteristics that you know you'll be dealing with for a very long time. The sheer joy that they'll be bringing you, right along with the challenges. It's 365 days of hands-on learning. It's one year of motherhood. 

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