Soul Shooting, a Workshop

On August 2nd I attended the Soul Shooting Workshop. Wow. I think that word sums it up. It was a bit of an adventure getting there, Kodiak's weather (fog specifically) had kept most flights from coming to/from the island for two days. Somehow one plane made it in, & somehow as #18 on the stand-by list I made it on the plane (a 36-passenger plane). It was a big weekend for me, with the workshop & a memorial service for my Grandma; it was important to make it out.

On three hours of sleep, I excitedly, anxiously & nervously arrived at the workshop for a day filled with deep thought, challenges, technique, discussion, connections, friendship & more. It was a day I won't forget; a day that I didn't want to end & a day to return to for a number of reasons. It's only been a short 9 days since the workshop, but I already feel like it shook me up, in a very good way.

When there's another one, I'd recommend going.