The First Two Weeks of August

August 1st. Her little hand. August 2nd. It's raining, it's pouring, batman is roaring.

August 3rd. Self-portrait, as I head off to my photo workshop.

August 4th. Little legs getting around way too well.

August 5th. Waiting for her Papa.

August 6th. We've had a long day of travel, & aren't home, yet.

August 7th. Happy to be back in daddy's arms.

August 8th. Force-feeding the chicken worms.

August 9th. Her mini-mini-skirt.

August 10th. Five chickens in a frame.

August 11th. Morning Star Wars games.

August 12th. Pre-bed smiles.

August 13th. Snacking.

August 14th. Our newest additions- Roxanne & Rosabelle.

August 15th. The last days of summer vacation.