365 project

The First Two Weeks of July

July 1st. Off to a friend's birthday party. July 2nd. Today is my birthday.

July 3rd. I want to hold your hand.

July 4th. Happy 4th of July.

July 5th. Goodnight week long of fun.

July 6th. "Let's play a fishing game, I'm the King Salmon & you catch me!"

July 7th. The boys snuck off with my phone.

July 8th. Lunchtime.

July 9th. Ready for a walk.

July 10th. Summer is swallowing us up & it's awesome.

July 11th. Watermelon snacking.

July 12th. Hanging with Batgirl.

July 13th. Caught by the light.

July 14th. I've had a nasty flu bug this week, but determined not to give up on this project, so with that a window shot.

July 15th. Still sick, so another window shot. They're off to the river.

The Last Two Weeks of May

May 16th. Ready for bed. May 17th. Impromptu violin lesson with Papa.

May 18th. Rollerblading- practicing for the kindergarten talent show.

May 19th. Nature's beauty, the Gray Whale.

May 20th. Diligently looking up to his brother.

May 21st. My laundry assistant.

May 22nd. A new costume.

May 23rd. His spy gear.

May 24th. The last day of kindergarten.

May 25th. Today I photographed a wedding & not my children.

May 26th. Pasagshak weekend- yes!

May 27th. Playing with the mirror perspective.

May 28th. We got chicks & this is Sunshine Lucy.

May 29th. I tucked him in on the bottom bunk & returned to find him fast asleep, in the top bunk & wearing new jammies.

May 30th. This face is telling you the sound birds make.

May 31st. The last day of May- it was a good one <3