Saturday Morning, 1/52

Saturday. nthe seventh day of the week; before Sunday.

Morning. n 1. The first or early part of the day, lasting from midnight to noon or from sunrise to noon. 2. The dawn. 3. The first or early part; the beginning: the morning of a new nation.

This year, alongside an incredible group of photographers, we are documenting our Saturday mornings. Follow along here.

breannapeterson.com-1-2Birthday Ducks - Saturday 10:09am

The Last Two Weeks of June

June 16. If she excitedly clinched her fists & shouted yes, I'm pretty sure this is what it'd look like. June 17. His last day of three.

June 18. Happy 4th Birthday, Batman.

June 19. This is what 11:55pm in Alaska looks like.

June 20. Part of the peek-a-boo process.

June 21. Her new favorite seat.

June 22. Mustaches for life.

June 23. Peace.

June 24. One of my superheroes.

June 25. Watching her boys.

June 26. A tiny pocket of morning light.

June. 27. Someone got legos for his birthday, & it wasn't this someone.

June 28. Goodnight, bright light.

June 29. A weekend in Anchorage, pretty sure this face sums up her feelings about it.

June 30. The big jump is about to happen.

A Walk to the Store, with the Fords

'Where we love is home,home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.'

Some good friends came home for a visit recently, bringing with them some Hawaiian sun, lots of smiles & a renewed appreciation for this island we call home. I was fortunate to spend an evening with them, walking to the 'Little Store,' & enjoying the adventures along the way. It was refreshing to be outside, breathing in the beautiful summer air, & watching the interactions between Monica & her sweet kids. There was lots of talking, lots of laughing, a few tears shed, but best of all, it was them.

The Last Day of Three

Covey turned four on the 18th, so I decided to document bits & pieces of the day before- his last day of three. I think we'll always remember it as one of the nicest days in Kodiak, ever. The weather app on my phone said 79 degrees. That's a big deal for our little island. In fact, I'm not sure it's ever happened before. We took full advantage of our day in the sun, spending it on the beach in Pasagshak. Followed by an impromptu overnight there- the perfect ending to three & a sweet beginning to four.

The Mandolin & The Fiddle

For as long as I can remember, music filled our house. It either came from the speakers or it was live, courtesy of my dad. I consider the mandolin his instrument, but he also plays the guitar & the fiddle. For some reason, my siblings & I just never hit it off with learning an instrument. While I played the violin for eight years, my sister piano for awhile & my brother still dabbles with the guitar, none of us ever poured a lot of effort into it. Thinking back to the amount of music that surrounded us, it's a bit ironic none of us play well, but what we did develop was a deep appreciation for good music. Over the past few years, my dad has given lessons to a young, incredibly talented fourteen year-old, Sawyer. They have developed a great friendship; this past week, his family moved to Oregon. This is their second-to-last lesson, filled with lots of good tunes & good humor.

The Night Before the Last Day of School

The boys are asleep, Ella's nursing & I'm sitting her, wondering how it can be the night before Ry's last day of kindergarten. After moving his sleeping self from my bed, to his own, I sat there for a few minutes, staring. Then with a kiss goodnight, I took a deep breath, & stared some more. Earlier in the evening, we ran around the yard. The boys wanted to look for fiddleheads; Ella tried to rally right along with them; they all ran, ran & ran; & Covey used his binoculars for some thorough scoping of the landscape. The air was surprisingly warm, filled with sounds of the nearby nesting Eagles, & a lurking summer. Some days feel so long, but somehow the past 9 months got away from us. Not even one whole year, yet full of so many big changes. Ry has transformed, quite literally before our eyes. Tonight I asked him if he was sad or happy about kindergarten ending. He told me mostly happy. I felt selfish, but this wasn't the response I was hoping for. Did I want him to be sad? No. But I think I wanted a little hesitation. Instead, he told me he was excited for first grade. As bittersweet as it is, I'm very excited for him. New adventures await all of us.

The First Two Weeks of May

If I'm being honest, I very much love my 365-project (yes, I'm formally calling it that now), but I'm really bad at posting the pictures. I think it's most important that I'm legitimately taking the photos every day; I think it's going to be an amazing way of documenting a year of our lives. There's a lot of little things that I'm already reminded about from these 365-images. But actually sitting down & editing them regularly is not a strong point of mine. So it means a big dose all at once. Here's this month's big dose: May 1st. Sometimes superheroes get thirsty.

May 2nd. Today, we played with polaroids.

May 3rd. The cookie-dough snatcher.

May 4th. Violin practice.

May 5th. In the hopes of feeding the birds, we've built yet (& installed) another birdhouse.

May 6th. Starting off the week with sunshine & smiles.

May 7th. Haircuts; the boys requested mohawks.

May 8th. Faux grass & faux butterflies, spring (summer?) must be coming!

May 9th. An afternoon at Sad Park.

May 10th. Sometimes, deep thoughts.

May 11th. A new hat.

May 12th. The end of the weekend.

May 13th. Her eyes are asking him to open the door.

May 14th. Batman-obsessed.

May 15th. That toilet paper is not where it belongs, & that face is not innocent.