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Welcome, Shepherd

As a photographer, there are so many intimate moments you experience with family's- some of their biggest milestones and greatest memories in their lifetime. Weddings, births, siblings meeting for the first time, first birthdays and more. Special feels too weak a word to describe the privilege of sharing in these events, to provide family's with their own tangible piece of their history, that they will one day share with their children, as they tell them their story. Certainly grateful. 

Introducing Shepherd, at less than an hour old. 

Ruby Sue's Renovation: The Airstream Diaries

Last summer we bought an Airstream. Something we've lusted over for quite awhile, & motivated by a wedding we were traveling to, this beauty popped up on Craiglist, conveniently located an hour from our final destination, and looking pretty good in her 1986 condition- we couldn't pass her up. Ruby Sue, the namesake I've placed upon my first car, first girl puppy, and first Airstream. Ruby Sue wasn't supposed to be renovated. She was in very good condition, so we were only going to replace the floors. After returning home, and squeaking her lengthy body off the ferry, I dreamed of painting the cabinet doors white, and maybe the end panels, and perhaps the walls. The carpet came out, the doors came off cabinets, then a wall here, a cabinet there...then she was gutted. Oops.

Conveniently, I did all this at the same time we were building a 4-plex, so she had to sit awhile, a long nine months while, but the real work began in May. We washed, sanded, washed again, primed and painted the entire inside, and Mike has rebuilt everything. We opted for only a toilet, skipping the shower, giving us a few extra feet of counter space and less mold-making, plus the outdoor showers are pretty high-tech these days. The bed is staying in the same place in the back, and has a hatch cover for ample storage, plus there's hatch covers in the bench seating in the front, for even more storage. The table is on a pedestal, so we can lower it into a large bed for the kids. Flooring and light fixtures have been installed, as well as cabinets & plywood counter tops; little tweaks will happen here & there, but for now, she is ready for her first excursion!

Photos from last summer to now.

100 Days of Summer, week 4

June 16th: birthday party day.

June 17th: birthday crash day.

June 18th: celebrating 8, and Daddy.

June 19th: Airstream updates.

June 20th: more Airstream updates.

June 21st: fan fun in the Airstream.

June 22nd: toss the egg, trampoline style.

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100 Days of Summer, week 2

June 2nd: hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold...

June 3rd: last of the sun

June 4th: beach finds = mustaches

June 5th: rainy evening

June 6th: swim lesson snack

June 7th: mud pies for dessert

June 8th: fort building

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Brian & Shanna

Spending a few days with your closest friend, from your earliest days, with all your children is something you dream about. That is exactly how our California vacation concluded. All five kids together for a few short days, playing together like they've always known each other, despite the miles in-between. With bribery, and resistance, we managed to send my family out for a 30-minute walk, for Fiona's newborn session.

Brian and Shanna and family.

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Wherever I am With You, 3/12

On a recent drive home, my youngest asked if I knew who created the world. I was curious as to her response, as she's been quite fascinated with God recently. She replied "that guy we talked about at school today," & my middle piped up, "God!". We then discussed how people believe all different things, and how we are all welcome to believe whatever we want, but the most important thing is to respect and appreciate differing beliefs, as well as our own. Children do that more often than adults. Without knowing. They remind us how rich and rewarding the simple things are; how to make friends with strangers; how to love and appreciate all. Perhaps it's naive, perhaps it's the lack of exposure to many things in the world, but I like to think it's something we can learn from. Because we need it, we need more respect, more peace, more love, more friendship and above all, less fear and less hate.

Wherever I am With You, 3/12

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Wherever I am With You, 1/12

Thank You

Sunday Afternoon

We're settling back into school routines, with early alarm clocks reminding us summer has ended. In case we weren't certain, the leaves are falling rapidly, hitting the ground with a golden hue. Back-to-school colds are already making their presence, our annual gift we'd be happy to let go. It's my last year before all three are in school full-time; it's bittersweet, making me pause and wonder how that much time has slipped through my grasp, while making me relearn time management. Life's funny like that. We sit there holding our newborns, swearing to ourselves we'll soak up all these moments because it'll pass so quickly. But yearning for a little more- like getting out the door in a timely manner, and in one-piece. Then finding ourselves with older children, yearning for more control, like we had when they were babies, when we could bundle them up and load them up in the car. Life's funny like that. An ever-evolving circle that we're at the helm of, navigating through all the ups and downs.


On the cusp of changing seasons, lives change alongside. Children quietly get older, day by day, until we, usually shocked, find them to be new people. Personalities grow, just as the inches. But the most pronounced change is often when we welcome a new baby into the family. When the conversations of five-year olds are now accompanied by the sounds of a newborn. When the school schedules are accompanied by infant schedules. When the dynamics of two children becomes the dynamics of three children. The love grows and the walls inside our homes swell with the new memories created. Just as the seasons welcome each other, the family does the same. Quickly and quietly.

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