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March: 10-on-10

31 Days of January

I decided to kick-off January with a photo-a-day. 31 days sounded much more achievable than 365. Even with our limited daylight (yes, there's lots of bedtime photos), I didn't skip a day. It felt good. I hadn't been photographing our every day nearly as much as I'd like and I needed the reboot. It was a cold month, warmed with birthdays and blue skies. It was a hopeful month, filled with a new year, a new start and a new niece. It was good.

Snippets of our January.

1. welcoming 2018
2. his last day of 10
3. he's 11
4. celebrate
5. birthday-slumber party
6. the game of life
7. celebrating 11 with family
8. mattresses are apparently better on the floor
9. after-school walk
10. the response to "help me make your bed"
11. picking up the boys "smell my hand to get in the car"
12. packing up Christmas
13. Sunday drive out the road
14. major storm day became major lounge day
15. after-school walk, checking out the storm's damage
16. attempting to sleep in her own bed
17. attempting to sleep in her brother's beds
18. attempting to sleep in our bed
19. explaining why the sink is full of her hair
20. women's march
21. the flu got me
22. quadruple pig tails
23. a slow day on the "tsunami that wasn't" day
24. playing Old Maid
25. her new favorite book
26. friday night slumber party
27. getting fresh air while pretending it's not zero degrees
28. batter up
29. testing out jumping abilities of the new mattress
30. after-school walk
31. upset I won't take her to visit her hours-old newest cousin

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Happy New Year

When I was younger, I found the idea of New Years silly. Not understanding the desire to wipe the slate clean because it's January 1st. But as I get older, I like it more. Using it as a time for reflection, digging through images & milestones from the last 365-days. Dreaming dreams to accomplish. Goals to conquer. Changes to welcome. A universal time to grow together. To shift our minds from the negativity, & focus on the good. Focus on what really matters. A time to clean out the clutter. A time of celebration. Happy New Year.

Downtown Kodiak

The waterfront of Kodiak is alive almost year-round, but as salmon season approaches, it brings an increase in fishermen, cannery employees, workload and fish. We're on the cusp of it now. The cries of the seagulls will increase, the roars of the sea lions, all begging for a taste of summer's harvest. The forklifts grinding, back and forth, back and forth, beeping to make you aware there's more pallets to load. Our town is a fishing town, where the salt air kisses your cheeks, where the smell of fish processing is the smell of money. We're all, in some way, embedded in this way of life- the life of a fishing town.


I recently upgraded from the iPhone 3 to the 5. The new camera is awesome. I use it daily to capture all these little moments I wouldn't otherwise be photographing- Mike building our storage shed; Ella's first backpack adventure; Ry's first violin lesson; the week Covey wore his ninja suit everywhere (who am I kidding, we're still in that week, perhaps it'll be a month? a year?); our first 'real' snowfall; Ella's first raspberries (by blowing her lips, not actual berries); Ella's first time standing, while holding on to the dishwasher; Ry's first snowangel of the season; our salt dough ornament adventure; & more. There's a lot of firsts in that list & these are just from the past week....Without this camera, I wouldn't have nearly the photographs documenting these moments. Plus, my sister & dad are both out of town right now & the kids are able to Facetime with them- pretty amazing! For the abilities of technology, I am thankful. p.s. to follow me on instagram, I'm under @breapeterson & my favorite apps are VSCO & squaready :)