The First Two Weeks of July

July 1st. Off to a friend's birthday party. July 2nd. Today is my birthday.

July 3rd. I want to hold your hand.

July 4th. Happy 4th of July.

July 5th. Goodnight week long of fun.

July 6th. "Let's play a fishing game, I'm the King Salmon & you catch me!"

July 7th. The boys snuck off with my phone.

July 8th. Lunchtime.

July 9th. Ready for a walk.

July 10th. Summer is swallowing us up & it's awesome.

July 11th. Watermelon snacking.

July 12th. Hanging with Batgirl.

July 13th. Caught by the light.

July 14th. I've had a nasty flu bug this week, but determined not to give up on this project, so with that a window shot.

July 15th. Still sick, so another window shot. They're off to the river.