Welcome to the World, Evie

Evie arrived right on time. She's my sister's very first baby, which means she's 50% Peterson, & us Peterson's have a long familial line of tardiness. No matter how hard we try, we always seem to be five minutes late (or fifty, depending on the circumstance). So when my sister texted me Saturday morning, I somehow missed the part about her water actually breaking, & thought, no way will she really come today- it's her due date (my kids were also all 8-11 days late, so again, no way). But then I re-read the text & hustled to get ready, so I wasn't late for Evie. On my way to pick up my mom, Wagon Wheel was the first song to come on, & then I knew, even though she was very much on-time, she was a heck-of-a-lot of Peterson. That song is a family favorite, so it just seemed right to hear it blast through the radio. Even if it wasn't Old Crow Medicine Show singing. Six days after she was born, we did her newborn photos. Welcome to the world, our little "Easter Evie," & the day she was born can be viewed here