10 on 10 - January

This month kicks off my involvement with a 10 on 10 group. Each month, on the 10th, we post 10 images (or so). This is a seriously talented group of photographers & I'm honored, & quite giddy, to be joining along with them. I took these ten a couple days ago. It was a day we didn't leave the house. Covey wasn't feeling too good & it was our second day with Ry back at kindergarten. It was more or less, our typical day. Except there was sun. That is something we don't see all that often. These pictures of course leave out details of the day- the tiredness from waking a few hours earlier than we're used to; the fights between the boys; the piles of laundry (I still need) to put away; the dirty diapers changed. They also remind me of our little bits & pieces that make it ours. The sunrise on a cold winter morning. The table we eat at, a lot. The dishes, oh the dishes. I think the picture at least makes them look a bit prettier. Most importantly, the kids' simple joys.

Here are my ten:

1. Good morning. 2.Waffles for breakfast. 3. Dishes, arghhhh. 4. Sun's too bright. 5. Smile. 6. Her favorite Christmas present. 7. His favorite board game, at the moment. 8. Thankfully, this is not the 'I'm filling the diaper' face. 9.  Star Wars consumes us. 10. Violin practice.

When you're done looking through these, head on over to Jill Greenwood's blog, & make your way through the entire blog circle!

Now go visit Jill Greenwood's blog, & don't forget to go through the entire blog circle!