26 Fridays: Week One

I really, really enjoy being a part of different photography blog groups. As photographers, it gives us different challenges to focus our skills on, which in turn helps us grow. It also leads to friendships with other tremendously talented individuals, who may live thousands of miles away. This particular group will post bi-monthly, on fridays, which results in 26 posts throughout the year. Our first theme is a combined one- light & self-portraits. Although I'm joining the group late, I coincidentally took an image today that included myself (something that doesn't happen often). I was inspired to take the image because of the way the light was hitting Ella's face. Of course incorporating the tripod & self-timer led to missing the light I was aiming for, & altogether a different vision than I had in mind, but you know what? I was really happy with the final outcome. It always feels strange being on the other side of the camera, but I'm making a conscious effort to change that this year. Be sure to visit Callie Anne Photography, to see her views on light.