Nick & Katie

Many professions in Kodiak offer many varied schedules; leaving the 8:00 – 5:00 routine unfamiliar to most families.  Fishing families wave goodbye, as their partners set out to fish the waters in raging seas, for a few days or a few months. Military families await their husbands or wives return from rescue missions; or they send them off for months at a time. The fish may, or may not, show up; the weather changes; the schedule changes. There’s no definitive, only approximates. 

Babies born on the cusp of summer salmon, rarely see their dad’s until September. Mom’s learning to juggle the new throes of motherhood, are also swept into finding a balance without their other half. It’s a lifestyle choice many here are accustomed to- it's unconventional and it's Alaskan, and most importantly, it makes for sacred family time.

At home with Nick and Katie, in between fishing seasons.

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