5 months old

'I love you in the morning,& in the afternoon. I love you in the evening, & underneath the moon.' -Uknown

I'm a few days late in posting, but our sweet baby girl is five months old. I feel silly writing time flies, but it does. She seems to be magically transforming from a itty-bitty baby to a, well, big baby. She's been rolling, grasping & making noises for some time now, but suddenly these rolls are combined with scoots, & she's determined to get places. Her grasping has become intentional, like pulling my glasses off & then laughing. I'm fairly certain the laugh's a coincidence, until she does it again & again. She's also started mimicking. Certainly she's too young for that. Right?! but her dad or brothers scrunch their faces up at her & she scrunches right back. It results in laughter. A lot of laughter. Baby's laughter may be the sweetest sound. Ever. Accompanied with her big brothers' laughs makes for some pretty sweet noises. Happy five months EllaGrace~