cm monthly challenge: happiness

This month's Clickin Mom's challenge is happiness. In our house, Sundays are happiness. They're relaxing & slow-moving, a perfect way to prepare for the week. Today, the boys got haircuts, we lounged around the house for awhile & then went to the beach. At the moment, our happiness also involves waiting. Any day now, baby #3 should be arriving. We're a little bit anxious & a whole lot excited! Haircuts are not a favorite of the boys, but Ry was excited to play heads-or-tails to see who went first.

Ry won & so Covey was first. His excitement is clearly all over his face!

Ry recently wrote out a welcome sign for his baby sister & my mom turned into a beautiful little blanket!

Covey post-haircut...happy to have the hair off him!

In the afternoon, we headed to the beach.

Ry found lots of treasures!

The boys checking out the hermit crabs & starfish in the tidepool.

Beach treasures!

This is our happiness. Be sure to view the other CM's in our circle to see their happiness! Following me is Jo & her adorable boys!