Happy Birthday, Batman

On the 18th, one of my superheroes turned four-years old. It's a little bit scary, as I can remember so clearly when my oldest turned four. Somehow 2.5 years seems to have escaped us. I don't know how or why his love for costumes materialized, but I love it! It started last fall- I think it started with an Ironman costume, but I can't really keep track anymore. It's been Batman for the last few months, raggedy old Batman. I have to steal it away to wash it; the seams are coming apart; it's stained & ripped. But none of that matters to him.

Covey-O, my free-spirited, loving, wild, snuggling, comical, goofy little guy, who was relieved to discover he still has ninja fighting moves at four-years old (his words, not mine). Happy Birthday!