July: 10-on-10

For this month's 10-on-10, I decided to document our 4th of July. We stayed in Pasagshak, where my parents have a cabin, the first week of July. My birthday is the 2nd, so it's sort of become a tradition to pack up all of our gear & head out indefinitely. It's always lots of fun- filled with (usually) lots of rain, fishing, friends & fireworks, of course. This year was no exception. 1. Good morning, Pasagshak.

2. The jack-in-the-box.

3. The guys pondering big decisions- to set the gillnet, or not.

4. They decided not to set the net, & mend it instead.

5. My mom taught my sister & I how to can salmon.

6. We're learning about pressure & numbers & stuff we probably won't remember very well.

7. We brought some sun to the beach.

8. Hanging by the fire.

9. She picked out her outfit.

10. This is 9:40pm, still bright.

11. The neighbor's fireworks over our cabin; & it's surprisingly dark at midnight (there's benefits to dark, rainy days).

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