October Sun

Fall photos. Yesterday I realized I hadn't taken much of the kiddos outdoors. The weather's been perfect, with an abnormal amount of October sun. But for some unfortunate reason, we've been inside cleaning. I think all the sun pouring in my windows has made me want to deep clean- it likes to show off the dust & dirt we accumulate on a daily basis. In all honesty, I'm not a cleaner- I really don't like it, so when I get in a 'deep-cleaning' mood, I have to take advantage. It's not much fun for the kiddos, though, so we headed outside yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful. The boys played, Ella napped & I took pictures. Once she woke up, I even attempted a photo of me & the three of them. It wasn't easily accomplished, but we all made it in the frame, so for that I'm grateful.