Sunday - A Day at the Beach

My photo-a-day attempt is having a funny effect on me; rather than dreading picking up the camera again, for another image, I am picking it up more, a lot more. I have a thing for Sundays & a thing for the beach. I'm not really sure why, but Sunday's have always signified family days, filled with lounging, fun & a bit of laziness. Whether we're on a Monday-Friday schedule, or absolutely no schedule whatsoever, Sundays are still Sundays. This past one we went to the beach. We do that a lot. We live on an island, so it only makes sense. The beaches surround us- they are literally minutes from our house, waiting for the kids' to arrive with their curious minds.

This past Sunday we woke up lazily, moving slowly around for a couple hours. Then our house shook from an earthquake. I panicked because it shook good & we are not in a tsunami-safe zone. Thankfully, it was only a 3.8 magnitude quake, it just happened to be very few miles from home, so we felt a couple good jerks. After deciding we weren't on tsunami-watch (part of living on an island), we decided to head to one of our favorite beaches.

My sister came along & I took a few pictures of her super-cute baby bump, she's 32 weeks already & tiny & cute, I never was! We found lots of beach treasures- a duck decoy, a fly swatter (last year a container was lost somewhere at sea, & football fly swatters have been washing ashore ever since), the perfect slingshot stick, a crab shell & a bright orange basket to carry home said treasures. I also took advantage of having my sister with us, to attempt a family photo. We ended up with a lot of interesting ones, & a couple worthy of sharing (for a good laugh).

It was a good day at the beach, followed by warm bowls of soup at my parents for our Soup Sunday's, a tradition we attempt to keep going at least a couple times a month.