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27/52 Saturday Mornings

Saturday. n the seventh day of the week; before Sunday.

Morning. n 1. The first or early part of the day, lasting from midnight to noon or from sunrise to noon. 2. The dawn. 3. The first or early part; the beginning: the morning of a new nation.

This year, alongside an incredible group of photographers, we are documenting our Saturday mornings. Follow along here.


'Photography takes an instant out of time,altering life by holding it still.' -Dorothea Lange

I have a secret love affair with film. There is a depth, a texture, a visual satisfaction I can't quite explain. Months ago, I dug out my dad's F5. I was determined & excited to use it. Then I realized why it sat around for months. It's not instant. A couple weeks ago, though, I finally loaded it up & put my first roll through. It was a pleasant reunion. Kodak Portra 400.

4 months old

'play dress-updance in the rain make believe lie in the grass chase butterflies paint a rainbow sing a song be a princess wish upon a star imagine' -unknown

Today she is 4 months old. She's such a sweetheart. She laughs, she smiles, she rolls, she's pushing her head up high & trying to get on her knees. I wish I could slow her down, just a little bit. I wish a lot of things for her. When I came across this quote tonight, it summed a lot of those up quite well. Happy 4 months to our Ella-Bella Gracie-Girl~