pre- & post-pregnancy, a self-portrait

'Making the decision to have a child is momentous.It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.'  -Elizabeth Stone

I decided to try something fun...well, in some sort of post-pregnancy state I thought it would be fun ;) Two days before EllaGrace was born, I took the photo on the left with my camera on the tripod & the self-timer. Two weeks after she was born, I did the photo on the right. Ry (my oldest) helped with this one. I again had my camera on my tripod, but he got to press the shutter. Running back & forth with a baby, racing against the self-timer, just didn't sound like the adventure I wanted to pursue. In the end, it turned out pretty close to what I envisioned. Considering it took me a week just to upload these photos to my computer, pretty close is going to have to work :) I think I'll stick to photos of my kiddos- I'm so in love with their recent photos, I have to admit I look at them often (in case you missed the post of the three of them, check it out here!).

41 weeks

I'm a week behind in posting this picture, but still wanted to share it. 41 weeks. 2 days before our sweet baby girl made her entrance into this big world. I've been snapping up photos of her with my iPhone, but have big intentions of a newborn shoot. So far, I've found it easiest to get a few here & there, as time & energy allow. But soon her beautiful face will be introduced to the blog. Her brothers are so proud & excited about her. It's been a precious six days in our house.