I recently upgraded from the iPhone 3 to the 5. The new camera is awesome. I use it daily to capture all these little moments I wouldn't otherwise be photographing- Mike building our storage shed; Ella's first backpack adventure; Ry's first violin lesson; the week Covey wore his ninja suit everywhere (who am I kidding, we're still in that week, perhaps it'll be a month? a year?); our first 'real' snowfall; Ella's first raspberries (by blowing her lips, not actual berries); Ella's first time standing, while holding on to the dishwasher; Ry's first snowangel of the season; our salt dough ornament adventure; & more. There's a lot of firsts in that list & these are just from the past week....Without this camera, I wouldn't have nearly the photographs documenting these moments. Plus, my sister & dad are both out of town right now & the kids are able to Facetime with them- pretty amazing! For the abilities of technology, I am thankful. p.s. to follow me on instagram, I'm under @breapeterson & my favorite apps are VSCO & squaready :)