The Day We Buried My Grandma's Ashes

It's been a year-&-a-half since my Grandma passed away. She adamantly wanted to be cremated; & my Grandpa has struggled with this. It's been hard in general for him, living life without her. They were married for seventy-two years, & I don't think he ever went to bed without her (which meant there were many nights he fell asleep on the couch). So while we had a memorial service after her passing, we had another one five days ago. He needed this as closure & we're all hopeful it does that for him. At ninety-two, he gets around quite well, but struggles with his short-term memory. From their life together, I don't think he's forgotten a thing.

Sunday's service was very personal- it was a beautiful day, & we buried a small urn on top her mother's grave. My Grandpa was surrounded by family & friends, & I think it was exactly what he needed.