The Last Two Weeks of June

June 16. If she excitedly clinched her fists & shouted yes, I'm pretty sure this is what it'd look like. June 17. His last day of three.

June 18. Happy 4th Birthday, Batman.

June 19. This is what 11:55pm in Alaska looks like.

June 20. Part of the peek-a-boo process.

June 21. Her new favorite seat.

June 22. Mustaches for life.

June 23. Peace.

June 24. One of my superheroes.

June 25. Watching her boys.

June 26. A tiny pocket of morning light.

June. 27. Someone got legos for his birthday, & it wasn't this someone.

June 28. Goodnight, bright light.

June 29. A weekend in Anchorage, pretty sure this face sums up her feelings about it.

June 30. The big jump is about to happen.