At Home with O'Brien and Erin

Although this island grips its inhabitants with a grasp you almost can't escape, sometimes it is forced to let go. Part of our unique culture here, one that is a town fueled by Fishermen and Coast Guardsmen. The hardest part is saying goodbye to good people, much like we did last summer, but always remembering Kodiak never escapes their heart.

We look forward to this family's return one day. 

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Welcoming Tommi

Some of my favorite parts of newborn photography, is talking to moms about their transition into motherhood, even if it's the second or third time around. Everyone's path to motherhood is so unique, yet something so relatable among women. It can be one of the hardest, most challenging paths for some women, and for others, the most natural experience they've taken on. Regardless of how one becomes "mom," it is an experience that seems to transcend anything and everything. 

Welcome to the world, Tommi. 

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Mark & Elise

The Alaskan wild rose blooms each summer, unfurling its soft pink petals, to soak up the sun and rain, and whatever else the Alaskan weather hurls its way. Much like love, it is beautiful and it is strong. 

An Alaskan engagement session, among the wild roses. 

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September: 10-on-10

The joke was "Alaskan's for Global Warming;" that was years ago, and it was completely light-hearted. Before we bore ownership to the first town that will see itself disappear because of global warming and before the summer of 2017. Before the Northwest was on fire and the South was flooded. When we called it global warming, instead of climate change. Now the joke feels awfully empty, as we bear witness to Mother Nature's cries for help. We've had one of the worst summers I remember here on our island, we may have had four days of actual sunshine- not so much hot, but kind of warm sunshine. It felt like we went straight from winter to fall. The leaves are almost gone, everything's almost brown. The snow will be here soon. Last year, the cold came early and lasted so long, the berries didn't grow. The bears got hungry, and in other places in the state, multiple maulings occurred, a highly unusual occurrence. The unusuals are piling up globally, & if we don't discover ways to answer the cries, we're going to continue to bear witness to our consequences.

Continue our circle with Emma

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100 Days of Summer, week 10

July 28th: cottonwood

July 29th: boat harbor stroll

July 30th: best way to recycle boxes 

July 31st: fireweed is blooming

August 1st: pig tails

August 2nd: day-old pig tails

August 3rd: the fox den

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100 Days of Summer, week 9

July 21st: popsicles and plants

July 22nd: the killer whale

July 23rd: morning at the beach

July 24th: it's much colder than they make it look

July 25th: her brothers may disagree with her shirt

July 26th: fake sleeping

July 27th: party dress

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100 Days of Summer, week 8

July 14th: late-night roping

July 15th: his daily catch

July 16th: 4-wheeler ride up the Valley

July 17th: the airstream door

July 18th: rainy walk in the woods

July 19th: off to swim lessons

July 20th: dreaming of adventures on the map

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100 Days of Summer, week 7

July 7th: goodnight

July 8th: his first Red

July 9th: heading home from camping

July 10th: the front yard

July 11th: our backyard, when camping

July 12th: our front yard, when camping

July 13th: that one day it felt like summer

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July: 10-on-10

I treasure Sunday's. I have designated it as an unspoken family day, a lounging day, an adventure day, a day that is extra-special during the school year, when routine's are in full-swing. They are often concluded at my parents' home with hot, homemade soup. Soup on Sunday's, a family tradition we grew up with.

This particular Sunday was different, as they were out of town, and our middle celebrated his 8th Birthday, on Father's Day. He threatened to ditch us, with just his Dad, laughing that since the day was all about the two of them, it should just be the two of them. Lucky for us, his humor didn't get the best of him, & he let us tag along. Because it was a good day, as Sunday's tend to be, especially extra-special Sunday's. 

Cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, lemon meringue pie & sushi; fresh air, fishing & time at at one of our favorite little plots of land. Sunday's Celebration. 

Continue the circle with Emma

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