Welcome to the World, Shepherd

As a photographer, there are so many intimate moments you experience with family's- some of their biggest milestones and greatest memories in their lifetime. Weddings, births, siblings meeting for the first time, first birthdays and more. Special feels too weak a word to describe the privilege of sharing in these events, to provide family's with their own tangible piece of their history, that they will one day share with their children, as they tell them their story. Certainly grateful. 

Introducing Shepherd, at less than an hour old. 

100 Days of Summer, week 14 (plus a few)

August 25th: watching the bears 

August 26th: skiff ride

August 27th: fall leaves, a bit too early 

August 28th: school nights return 

August 29th: biding her time while the boys are at school 

August 30th: pretending we've got bedtime under control 

August 31st: hoophouse is complete 

September 1st: chase the chickens 

September 2nd: rodeo weekend

September 3rd: birthday celebration 

September 4th: first day of dance

100 Days of Summer, week 13

August 18th: we grew something

August 19th: midnight

August 20th: neighbors pigs came for a visit

August 21st: pretending we could see the eclipse

August 22nd: the sun came back, a day late

August 23rd: Moana tryouts

August 24th: journal writing

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100 Days of Summer, week 11

August 4th: the boys

August 5th: wild rose

August 6th:  heading out the road 

August 7th: airstream dreams

August 8th: airstream morning 

August 9th: goodnight

August 10th: it was a long, wet week

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Josh & Emily

It's seems like a repetitive theme, talking about great people that Kodiak says goodbye to, but it's true. The military brings in great people, and sometimes steals the hearts of those already living here. Double goodbyes. 

Just before these two left, we got to enjoy one of our very rare beautiful summer evenings. 

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At Home with O'Brien and Erin

Although this island grips its inhabitants with a grasp you almost can't escape, sometimes it is forced to let go. Part of our unique culture here, one that is a town fueled by Fishermen and Coast Guardsmen. The hardest part is saying goodbye to good people, much like we did last summer, but always remembering Kodiak never escapes their heart.

We look forward to this family's return one day. 

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Welcoming Tommi

Some of my favorite parts of newborn photography, is talking to moms about their transition into motherhood, even if it's the second or third time around. Everyone's path to motherhood is so unique, yet something so relatable among women. It can be one of the hardest, most challenging paths for some women, and for others, the most natural experience they've taken on. Regardless of how one becomes "mom," it is an experience that seems to transcend anything and everything. 

Welcome to the world, Tommi. 

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