November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 2

November 8th: I took my kids with me to vote that morning because I wanted to experience history as a family. When I pulled out the ballot, & saw Clinton-Kaine on there, a rush of unexpected emotions passed over me. I turned to the kids, & whispered, all choked up, we're voting for our first woman President. I believed, wholeheartedly, that's what we were doing. I cast that ballot for the strong daughter (& sons) I am raising, the strong woman (& man) who raised me, the strong women (& men) who have been a part of my life since the beginning, & the strong women (& men) who came before me & are no longer here. As we now know, American didn't elect their first woman President, but I know we are stronger together and I know we will rise up. I am grateful for my freedoms and I am grateful for the fire this election has lit inside so many. I am grateful we will be the change.

November 9th: Boxes turned into superhero fish creatures. Today, I needed all the comic relief I could get, trying to laugh through tears. I am grateful for their imaginations and their creativity.

November 10th: After school pick-up. She keeps it entertaining, always. I am grateful I am able to pick up the kids, even with the boys constant cries of "why can't we ride the bus?!" I am grateful even when it feels like a monotonous routine.

November 11th: Happy Veterans Day. I am grateful for my Grandfather's. I am grateful for the countless others that have served and are currently serving. I am grateful for the men and women who protect our freedoms.

November 12th: B Happy. Words of encouragement in a time of need. I am grateful for the little things in a moment when everything looms so large.

November 13th: Bedtime. It's always a tricky thing to navigate. Lots of surges of energy, one last rally before the day is officially done. And once it's done, it's quiet, albeit briefly. I am grateful for this quiet. This tiny pocket of peace before we begin again.

November 14th: The days are getting dark, earlier and earlier. It leaves little time, in between school, snacks, homework and hockey, to get outside and burn off energy. We try, but not always successfully. Which means lots of burning indoors, roller blades have been on daily, balls flying every which way. Chaos. & I'm grateful for it.

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