November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 3

November 15th: When I was pregnant with my second boy, male friends would say "That's so cool! wait until they're older & they start giving each other bloody noses. Two boys are awesome." They meant it sincerely. & now my boys are getting older, & I think I'm starting to discover what they meant. So far, the only bloody noses have been accidents, but I wouldn't be surprised if that changes in the near future. & just as quickly as they're physical, they're also the best of friends. Two boys are awesome, & I'm so grateful for these guys.

November 16th: "Look, I just found Moxie's leash frozen in the driveway!" a couple years ago, we got a hypoallergenic dog. She needed to be rehomed, & since our oldest has multiple allergies, we had to be cautious about bringing an animal into our home. She's incredibly obnoxious, & incredibly sweet, & brings so much joy to these kids. I am grateful she is part of our family.

November 17th: He asked to try on the Santa suit, & proceeded to run around the house, trying to make everyone laugh. As a baby, he started smiling at a few days old, & has been trying to get others to smile & laugh ever since. I am grateful for his humor.

November 18th: It was 25 degrees today. Frosty crystals covered the ground, & recycles piled up, so we had a fire in attempt to enjoy the sunny weather. It felt good. Fires in the front yard are one of my favorite activities. I am grateful for them.

November 19th: Nutcracker dance rehearsals started today. After hanging at the auditorium for a few hours, we headed home. Somehow in those few minutes of leaving, she got lost. & then it felt like a good thirty minutes of trying to locate her, when it was probably only five minutes. She went out a door ahead of me, not the door that led outside, & I didn't notice. The door was locked, so she couldn't get back in. A good friend found her, standing in the dark. I am grateful for friends, who help with little and big things. I am grateful we're all in this mom thing together.

November 20th: Lights don't go off without cries "for just one more book!" Each night the kids read to us, & us to them. It's been a bit more challenging for my oldest, but this past week, he has excitedly powered through a chapter book, & eagerly followed it with another one. & being read to? He'll take that for hours, by us or by audio. I am grateful for all three's love of reading. I am grateful, that regardless of their different learning styles, they are all still learning the power & wealth of reading.

November 21st: Sonicares make dental hygiene much easier for my trio. They love everything about them, & I love they actually clean their teeth, rather than the results we get with our standard toothbrush. These three have their share of dental appointments, & anything to make it a bit easier. I am grateful for those buzzing two minutes morning & night.

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