30 Days of Thanks

November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 3

November 15th: When I was pregnant with my second boy, male friends would say "That's so cool! wait until they're older & they start giving each other bloody noses. Two boys are awesome." They meant it sincerely. & now my boys are getting older, & I think I'm starting to discover what they meant. So far, the only bloody noses have been accidents, but I wouldn't be surprised if that changes in the near future. & just as quickly as they're physical, they're also the best of friends. Two boys are awesome, & I'm so grateful for these guys.

November 16th: "Look, I just found Moxie's leash frozen in the driveway!" a couple years ago, we got a hypoallergenic dog. She needed to be rehomed, & since our oldest has multiple allergies, we had to be cautious about bringing an animal into our home. She's incredibly obnoxious, & incredibly sweet, & brings so much joy to these kids. I am grateful she is part of our family.

November 17th: He asked to try on the Santa suit, & proceeded to run around the house, trying to make everyone laugh. As a baby, he started smiling at a few days old, & has been trying to get others to smile & laugh ever since. I am grateful for his humor.

November 18th: It was 25 degrees today. Frosty crystals covered the ground, & recycles piled up, so we had a fire in attempt to enjoy the sunny weather. It felt good. Fires in the front yard are one of my favorite activities. I am grateful for them.

November 19th: Nutcracker dance rehearsals started today. After hanging at the auditorium for a few hours, we headed home. Somehow in those few minutes of leaving, she got lost. & then it felt like a good thirty minutes of trying to locate her, when it was probably only five minutes. She went out a door ahead of me, not the door that led outside, & I didn't notice. The door was locked, so she couldn't get back in. A good friend found her, standing in the dark. I am grateful for friends, who help with little and big things. I am grateful we're all in this mom thing together.

November 20th: Lights don't go off without cries "for just one more book!" Each night the kids read to us, & us to them. It's been a bit more challenging for my oldest, but this past week, he has excitedly powered through a chapter book, & eagerly followed it with another one. & being read to? He'll take that for hours, by us or by audio. I am grateful for all three's love of reading. I am grateful, that regardless of their different learning styles, they are all still learning the power & wealth of reading.

November 21st: Sonicares make dental hygiene much easier for my trio. They love everything about them, & I love they actually clean their teeth, rather than the results we get with our standard toothbrush. These three have their share of dental appointments, & anything to make it a bit easier. I am grateful for those buzzing two minutes morning & night.

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November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 2

November 8th: I took my kids with me to vote that morning because I wanted to experience history as a family. When I pulled out the ballot, & saw Clinton-Kaine on there, a rush of unexpected emotions passed over me. I turned to the kids, & whispered, all choked up, we're voting for our first woman President. I believed, wholeheartedly, that's what we were doing. I cast that ballot for the strong daughter (& sons) I am raising, the strong woman (& man) who raised me, the strong women (& men) who have been a part of my life since the beginning, & the strong women (& men) who came before me & are no longer here. As we now know, American didn't elect their first woman President, but I know we are stronger together and I know we will rise up. I am grateful for my freedoms and I am grateful for the fire this election has lit inside so many. I am grateful we will be the change.

November 9th: Boxes turned into superhero fish creatures. Today, I needed all the comic relief I could get, trying to laugh through tears. I am grateful for their imaginations and their creativity.

November 10th: After school pick-up. She keeps it entertaining, always. I am grateful I am able to pick up the kids, even with the boys constant cries of "why can't we ride the bus?!" I am grateful even when it feels like a monotonous routine.

November 11th: Happy Veterans Day. I am grateful for my Grandfather's. I am grateful for the countless others that have served and are currently serving. I am grateful for the men and women who protect our freedoms.

November 12th: B Happy. Words of encouragement in a time of need. I am grateful for the little things in a moment when everything looms so large.

November 13th: Bedtime. It's always a tricky thing to navigate. Lots of surges of energy, one last rally before the day is officially done. And once it's done, it's quiet, albeit briefly. I am grateful for this quiet. This tiny pocket of peace before we begin again.

November 14th: The days are getting dark, earlier and earlier. It leaves little time, in between school, snacks, homework and hockey, to get outside and burn off energy. We try, but not always successfully. Which means lots of burning indoors, roller blades have been on daily, balls flying every which way. Chaos. & I'm grateful for it.

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November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 1

30 Days of Thanks, Week 1:

November 1st: a full bed means a full heart, certainly that must be a quote somewhere. Or a sleepless night. Either way, I'm grateful for this. 

November 2nd: bearing witness to history, all of it. but especially the kind that makes you feel good, surrounded by the ones you love. I'm grateful for this.

November 3rd: we fantasize about long road trips, then we drive 20 minutes to town & hear cries of "are we almost there, yet?!" but if they didn't ask the questions, & we didn't pine for a creative response, we'd both be missing out on an integral milestone of childhood & parenthood. I'm grateful for this. 

November 4th: running around with friends, in the cool crisp air of fall, dappled in the fall light that we get so very briefly. I'm grateful for this.

November 5th: finding patches of sun inside & outside the house. I'm grateful for this.

November 6th: "look at my hair, isn't it beautiful?" her strength, her creativity, sense of imagination, the way she plays so contently, whether alone or with others. I'm grateful for this.

November 7th: rainy day walk to the park, on the eve of our historical election. My middle asking questions non-stop, "I just have so many questions?" he says. "keep asking them," I say. Their curiosity, their love for the outdoors, this quiet, wet walk. I am grateful for this.

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