November: 30 Days of Thanks, week 1

30 Days of Thanks, Week 1:

November 1st: a full bed means a full heart, certainly that must be a quote somewhere. Or a sleepless night. Either way, I'm grateful for this. 

November 2nd: bearing witness to history, all of it. but especially the kind that makes you feel good, surrounded by the ones you love. I'm grateful for this.

November 3rd: we fantasize about long road trips, then we drive 20 minutes to town & hear cries of "are we almost there, yet?!" but if they didn't ask the questions, & we didn't pine for a creative response, we'd both be missing out on an integral milestone of childhood & parenthood. I'm grateful for this. 

November 4th: running around with friends, in the cool crisp air of fall, dappled in the fall light that we get so very briefly. I'm grateful for this.

November 5th: finding patches of sun inside & outside the house. I'm grateful for this.

November 6th: "look at my hair, isn't it beautiful?" her strength, her creativity, sense of imagination, the way she plays so contently, whether alone or with others. I'm grateful for this.

November 7th: rainy day walk to the park, on the eve of our historical election. My middle asking questions non-stop, "I just have so many questions?" he says. "keep asking them," I say. Their curiosity, their love for the outdoors, this quiet, wet walk. I am grateful for this.

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