January. 31 Photos. Week Two.

I've made it through fourteen days of photos this month. Slightly proud of that accomplishment, only 17 more days to go, & I'll have completed my goal (I'm attempting 365 with the iPhone)! The last five-ish days have been spent sick, but I still took pictures. The kids have definitely had it worse than me & have kindly rotated days ;). So here's hoping for a healthy week ahead & our last seven days, in photos: 8. Day Eight. Silly new expressions + new wagon.

9. Day Nine. The introduction of solids.

10. Day Ten. The calm before the (puking) storm.

11. Day Eleven. At attempt at getting on the other side of the camera.

12. Day Twelve. Hanging at auntie's house.

13. Day Thirteen. Garage sale score.

14. Day Fourteen. Nine months old.


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