Monthly Glimpses

Glimpses of My December

December wrapped it's warm-self right around us. Holiday festivities filled the days, school break didn't last long enough and Santa arrived, quite punctual. It was a season of giving and receiving and wishing for peace and joy. It was merry and bright. It was magic. 

December is my favorite. It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Glimpses of My November

November was full. The perfect month to remind us of how much we have to be grateful for; of how many things we are thankful for. The list doesn't end. The little things, the big things, all fill our platter. We celebrated friend birthdays, family birthdays, a short break from school, a solo trip to Florida, lost teeth, fresh fallen snow, outdoor adventures, the resurgence of our football team, and an incredible holiday. We almost welcomed our newest nephew (& cousin), but he decided to start December off just right. 

Be grateful, be thankful.

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Glimpses of My October

There's something about the holiday season that seems to melt time away faster than you think possible. October is the kick-off. Halloween prep intermingles with Santa's popping up in the holiday aisle. The cool fall air becomes a cold winter chill. The mud puddles freeze over. We even saw a few snowflakes, and lots of rain. We broke records of rainfall; the weather we're accustomed to showed it's face, and our island home graciously accepted the water it longed for. Final fishing adventures were had, pumpkins were carved, costumes picked out the night before the school parade. These were our ordinary days, and they were good.  

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Glimpses of My September

September was full of new. New schedules, new weather, new foods, new adventures. It was our New Year, a few months too soon. Suddenly it ended, and suddenly we (almost) settled in. Finding our school routine still feels like juggling fish, and real fish were juggled as we headed to the fishing grounds straight from the school grounds. Then I watched my youngest gear up for her first dance class. How is there so much new in one short month? But there is, every single day. Shining its bright face in our awaiting eyes, even if you have to look a little deeper. 

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Glimpses of My August

The last day of August brings the first day of school. A third-grader and a first-grader. The wind's been blowing wildly, tossing fall around our rosy cheeks. Their long hair is matting against their scalps. The final kiss of summer and the first kiss of fall, smothering us all at once. 

This season changing, school starting is always bittersweet. I'm still holding tight to the memories. The long days that turned into long nights, when long nights are good. Summer, we will miss you.

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Glimpses of My July

All winter long we dream about those summer days that creep into late nights. As lunches are packed and the monotony of school mornings wanes into spring, we long for the sun, for sleeping in, for camping, for time on the water, for time in the water, for no routine. Summer provides that. Never short on light and always unpredictable on weather, it's the time we crave. 

This July held more of summer than it's thirty-one days gave us. It was full, and we felt like overstuffed patrons of Thanksgiving dinner. Rosy-cheeked, with strap lines crisscrossing our backs, we smiled at the prospect of one of the best ones, yet. We found the sweet smell of summer penetrated our skin. They should market that. 

Our July had Kodiak West Side Stories trips; Pasagshak overnights; successful fishing trips; visits from the tooth fairy; mastery of bike riding; rainy days, sunny days and days somewhere in between; late nights and warm fires. It wasn't much, yet it was everything. 

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