January, the End. February, the Beginning.

So here I am, not giving up on the photo-a-day. I'm still referring to it as a monthly project because I wasn't sure if I'd make it past January & really unsure if I'll make it past February ;) 29. January 29th. & when they are sweet, they are very, very sweet.

30. January 30th. I love that it looks like they're holding hands. (& this image was featured on Lemonade & Lenses weekly favorites, yes, I am bragging!)

31. January 31st. Goodnight, January.

32. February 1st. Reach for the stars.

33. February 2nd. The superhero smirk.

34. February 3rd. Sunday morning- jumped in for a shot, since the rest of my family was lounging on the couch.

35. February 4th. It's almost Valentines.

Now head over & view the week through Nenonu's lens.