January. 31 Photos. Week Four.

With just a few days left this month, it's time for me to decide if I'm continuing on with this project, or sticking with the one-month thing. I think I'm taking the plunge & welcoming February with my camera. I'm really, really enjoying it- it gives me so many more opportunities to get creative with locations, light, ideas, etc., but I'm just not quite ready to say I'm doing a 365-project ;) 22. January 22. Walking in the rain.

23. January 23. Time to go to Disney, he needs his own set of ears.

24. January 24. Fly so high.

25. January 25. This is not Rylee.

26. January 26. The sun came out!

27. January 27. I successfully created something inspired by Pinterest- miracles do happen.

28. January 28. He asked to pick out his next birthday card, which is 6 months away, when he turns four (not five).

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