40 weeks

My due date has come & gone. I'm not surprised. Ry was 11 days late & Covey 8 days late. I'm still comfortable (& I guess she is as well!); more than anything, I'm anxious to meet her. Before we know it, we'll be planning her first birthday, so I know I can wait. I decided to put together my maternity pictures from the past few months. I don't usually get in front of the camera, but I made a conscious effort to with this pregnancy. from top to bottom (left to right): 23 weeks family photo, 29 weeks self-portrait, 32 weeks self-portraits with my boys, 34 weeks family photo, 36 weeks photo taken by my son Ry, & 38 weeks self-portrait...now, perhaps since she's not here, I should go take a 40 week self-portrait!