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The Mandolin & The Fiddle

For as long as I can remember, music filled our house. It either came from the speakers or it was live, courtesy of my dad. I consider the mandolin his instrument, but he also plays the guitar & the fiddle. For some reason, my siblings & I just never hit it off with learning an instrument. While I played the violin for eight years, my sister piano for awhile & my brother still dabbles with the guitar, none of us ever poured a lot of effort into it. Thinking back to the amount of music that surrounded us, it's a bit ironic none of us play well, but what we did develop was a deep appreciation for good music. Over the past few years, my dad has given lessons to a young, incredibly talented fourteen year-old, Sawyer. They have developed a great friendship; this past week, his family moved to Oregon. This is their second-to-last lesson, filled with lots of good tunes & good humor.