The Last Two Weeks of May

May 16th. Ready for bed. May 17th. Impromptu violin lesson with Papa.

May 18th. Rollerblading- practicing for the kindergarten talent show.

May 19th. Nature's beauty, the Gray Whale.

May 20th. Diligently looking up to his brother.

May 21st. My laundry assistant.

May 22nd. A new costume.

May 23rd. His spy gear.

May 24th. The last day of kindergarten.

May 25th. Today I photographed a wedding & not my children.

May 26th. Pasagshak weekend- yes!

May 27th. Playing with the mirror perspective.

May 28th. We got chicks & this is Sunshine Lucy.

May 29th. I tucked him in on the bottom bunk & returned to find him fast asleep, in the top bunk & wearing new jammies.

May 30th. This face is telling you the sound birds make.

May 31st. The last day of May- it was a good one <3