What's Your Story?

So what is it? What’s your story? Who are you? Who is your family? Who are these children, the ones running around, full of life? The ones who don’t want to sit still for too long, what makes them smile? laugh? What makes all of this, yours? Maybe it’s a favorite tutu or jumping in mud puddles; maybe it’s a big bowl of chocolate ice cream or throwing rocks in the ocean; maybe it’s snuggling with the raggedy old stuffed puppy or curled up together, under the quilt your Grandma made. Maybe it’s none of this. Maybe it’s all of this.

We each have our own distinct stories- the littlest details, the tiny moments, that makes things our very own. These are what define us, these are what contribute to our foundation. Nobody’s story will ever be the same. We might create a photographic memory of it, but why not take it a step further, & actually document it.

Storytelling sessions are, quite frankly, sessions that tell your story. Maybe they’ll include one place, or maybe a bunch of places- your home, a favorite beach, a special park, the grocery store, your coffee shop. The places are ones of significance. They are probably part of your routine, perhaps the routine you don’t even realize you have. Maybe every Saturday, you take your kids for hot chocolates, & maybe you know how special this is, when their eyes light up & grin from ear-to-ear because they know it’s Saturday- it’s hot chocolate day. Or maybe you randomly head to the park, but the kids have a favorite park, with the swing that swings the highest & the merry-go-round that twirls the fastest. These are the places I visit with you, telling your story through images.

Your kids might remember me trailing along with my camera, or they might not because they're so caught up in their simple joys. Twenty years from now, they’ll look at the family photos & remember that day, so full of their real-life. It's about just being you. So tell your story. What are you waiting for?

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