The First Two Weeks of May

If I'm being honest, I very much love my 365-project (yes, I'm formally calling it that now), but I'm really bad at posting the pictures. I think it's most important that I'm legitimately taking the photos every day; I think it's going to be an amazing way of documenting a year of our lives. There's a lot of little things that I'm already reminded about from these 365-images. But actually sitting down & editing them regularly is not a strong point of mine. So it means a big dose all at once. Here's this month's big dose: May 1st. Sometimes superheroes get thirsty.

May 2nd. Today, we played with polaroids.

May 3rd. The cookie-dough snatcher.

May 4th. Violin practice.

May 5th. In the hopes of feeding the birds, we've built yet (& installed) another birdhouse.

May 6th. Starting off the week with sunshine & smiles.

May 7th. Haircuts; the boys requested mohawks.

May 8th. Faux grass & faux butterflies, spring (summer?) must be coming!

May 9th. An afternoon at Sad Park.

May 10th. Sometimes, deep thoughts.

May 11th. A new hat.

May 12th. The end of the weekend.

May 13th. Her eyes are asking him to open the door.

May 14th. Batman-obsessed.

May 15th. That toilet paper is not where it belongs, & that face is not innocent.