The Night Before the Last Day of School

The boys are asleep, Ella's nursing & I'm sitting her, wondering how it can be the night before Ry's last day of kindergarten. After moving his sleeping self from my bed, to his own, I sat there for a few minutes, staring. Then with a kiss goodnight, I took a deep breath, & stared some more. Earlier in the evening, we ran around the yard. The boys wanted to look for fiddleheads; Ella tried to rally right along with them; they all ran, ran & ran; & Covey used his binoculars for some thorough scoping of the landscape. The air was surprisingly warm, filled with sounds of the nearby nesting Eagles, & a lurking summer. Some days feel so long, but somehow the past 9 months got away from us. Not even one whole year, yet full of so many big changes. Ry has transformed, quite literally before our eyes. Tonight I asked him if he was sad or happy about kindergarten ending. He told me mostly happy. I felt selfish, but this wasn't the response I was hoping for. Did I want him to be sad? No. But I think I wanted a little hesitation. Instead, he told me he was excited for first grade. As bittersweet as it is, I'm very excited for him. New adventures await all of us.